HRM Smelton Smudgeson von Wayland, Rex

Country: Tyrcath
Status: Monarch

Smelton is a 17th generation blacksmith who's family has served the armies of Tyrcath for nearly 500 years. Born into a life of service, Smelton's destiny would always be tied to the armies who defend Tyrcath. After serving the required years as a child initiate he would return to his home to carry on his family's work. As the years passed and his friendships with the new full brothers and sisters of the army grew, Smelton laid down his hammer for a life of service in the army, dedicating his blood to the defense of Cath. Upon receiving his Vision, Smelton took upon himself the oath of the Druids of the Great Bear. A solitary time in the woods led him down the path of Nature's Guardian.

The ebbs and flows of the army and its soldiers passed and Smelton found himself at a crossroad. Cath had asked him to take up the crown and become King of Tyrcath, and lead her people into a new Era of tranquility. Around this time the realm recognized his work as a defender of the realm, and recognized the strength of his arm as the leader of the realm and his highness, His Royal Majesty, the 1st King.

With the dawn of the 2nd age of the Realm of Orcs, Smelton sat upon the throne of the realm and the throne of the oldest recognized nation left. Many things have come to pass in the time since these days. But that's a story for another day......