Raven Guard

In times of overwhelming peril, the Inquisitorium would institute the Raven Guard. Members would band together to combat the evil that plagues the land. The Inquisitorium would use Ravens to relay messages to the Raven Guards. The rising darkness of the south overtook the lands of Mobia, corrupting or killing most. The Inquistorial outpost there was destroyed in the attack. Only a few survived, and knowing this new threat was to vast to vanquish alone, the brothers formed the Raven Guard.

The sole purpose of Raven Guard is to rid the land of all evil. All the Unholy monsters that stalk the night and those who are corrupted by Dark Magic will perish in the Sacred Fire.

Rules of the guild:
1. The guild master will be rotated at the beginning of each season by vote to allow for equality amongst the guild.
2. The guild will accept only white/grey Cavaliers, Clerics, Witch Hunters, Assassins, Thiefs, Fighters, Bards, and Rangers as members.
3. A member of the Guild may not strike another member in the back, they must engage only in honorable combat with each other.
4. A member of the guild must carry themselves with integrity, policing our actions and tempers on/off the field. Always be the bigger person!
5. Any member who is caught lying, cheating or stealing will be subject to expulsion. In order to e reinstated in the guild the player must conclude a 6 month trial period plus an anonymous majority vote of the members.
6. The guild promotes a member to find their own identity and individualities of their character. We have no garb, armor, or weapon requirements outside of what their class portrays.
7. Once paid the guild does not double cross their client. 

Current Membership:
Rodrick Wolfsbane (Bob Dill)
Brawn aka The Hound (Jeremy Dill)
Jendrig Stahldorn (Ryan Pippert)
Grimwall Van' Tesh (Mitch Karl)
Jacob St. George (Mike Johnson)
Blue (Randy Bozarth)
Rojack Redwing (Adam Kanaday)
Nalek Magne (Zackery Johnston)
Aelswith (Sharon Dizon)