The Highwaymen

Guild Master: Ophiophagus Namazu Basque II (Hunter Tench)

Guild Members:
Justice Hemlock Gallerina
Justice Ophiophagus Namazu Basque II
Justice Evil Tom
A’Tar of the Black Sand
Brynjar Hallvardson

Guild Rules:
1. All members must use a weapon that cleaves or smashes over four feet (black and yellow weapons).

2. All members must be uniform standard. (Must have garb pants and a tunic, or a costume that meets the ORCs medieval fantasy larp equivalent in the rule book. This is to include everything you need for your class. No sweat pants and no T-Shirts, armor is not costume and will not meet the costume requirement. The Guild Master gets final say on what is acceptable and not acceptable. )

3. All members are to produce a minimum of one silver every six events (3 - 4 months) as revenue for the guild. All revenue will be tallied at the end of every six events and a portion determined by the guild master will be distributed among its members to keep for payment as satisfaction for a job well done, the rest will go toward a special fund for the country of Esotera to use in future land actions around the world of ORCs (This will come only from the profit of Esoteran members should they wish it.) One potion, scroll, or poison component may also satisfy the one silver minimum and count as revenue for all members of the guild to sit down and determine what they wish to do with at the end of a fiscal quarter (3 months)

4. If you’re wearing the Guilds Surcoat, then you are working. Anything and everything obtained as profit while wearing your guild surcoat is subject to be used to meet the guilds goals. If you have met the one silver minimum of hard coin then other hard goods are negotiable with the Guild Master upon review (At the end of every 3 months).

5. After payment has been handed out to members of the guild another member may challenge one other member per quarter (3 months) for goods obtained and distributed while on the job via honor duel. A member may only challenge for equal income and only once per quarter. Once a member has been challenged they can’t be challenged again until the next quarter. For example, if a member has earned one silver and wants one silver of another member then they MUST put up a silver to challenge. If Jim wants Bobs silver of revenue then they must put up their own silver in question should Bob win their honor duel. Winner will take all. The result of all duels are final and upheld by all other members of the guild. Should a member not accept the results of their honor duel, then the other members of the guild (also serving as elders) in the honor duel will serve as arbiters and enforce the results via violence.

6. All surcoats belong to the guild and may be taken away upon review by other members of the guild. It should be understood that the guild is an Esoteran based guild but casts no reflection on the guilds purpose or motives and is autonomous to the whims of the Justices of Esotera.

7. Loyalty to the guild may be rewarded. A reward could be citizenship into the Kritarchy of Esotera(A Belt Flag) over a period of time of sponsorship(Eight Events) by one of the Justices involved in guild matters and upon majority agreement of the totality of Justices who oversee rulership at the time of Esoteran politics.

8. Membership for the day comes at a first come first serve basis and the guild hopes to house members internationally.

History: The Highwaymen is the idea of a Warlock from Esotera. It is strictly a mercenary company in the sense that it can be hired to warband against or for other countries. It is however meant to be more of a social club where warriors from across the realm get together and make coin in the most practical way possible, in battle. The Highwaymen don’t get mixed up politically with the goings on of the world and have no allegiances. Any organization may hire the Highwaymen for a job and the cost is always negotiable, the Guild will then infiltrate a country and attempt to fulfill its contract. The Highwaymen will always attempt to complete a contract and cannot be bribed out of fulfilling the contract. The guilds doors are open to anyone who wants to train in the way of the “Black Path.” To become a member for the day you show up with your weapon of choice and approach the Guild Master Phage, membership flags are first come first serve and until distinguished service to the Guild is rewarded members must return their flags to the Guild Master.