Sovereign Isles of Light

•Government: Elected Triumvirate
•Capitol Province: City of Beinnrigh (Province #2351)
•Deity: There is no official state religion

The Isles are an alliance of nations guided by the stars and the light of civilization.

The Isles are diversely populated by Aasimar, Tieflings, humans, dwarves, elves, drow, werewolves, ratfolk, catfolk, and everything in between.

Isles culture centers around seafaring, commerce, learning and merry making. Isles exports Ralkean wine, fine garments and weapons. Houses of healing and magical studies are open to all, religious tolerance is widespread. Islanders labor hard and celebrate often.

In the year two thousand and seventeen, an island rose out of the sea. When the countries of the realm descended upon the island, they were overcome by the desire to conquer it, and they turned on each other with savagery and greed. The nation of Eileana’Reult and the Empire of Ralkea forged a wartime alliance. When the island sank back into the sea, the alliance endured.

They discerned in one another a shared spirit of courage, curiosity, and ingenuity; they learned each other’s thousand-year histories and stood alongside each other in times of trouble. They held each other in such high regard that they declared a festival of friendship, in which they honored one another with songs, finely crafted favors, theatrical displays, and the best yields of their harvests. All the realm envied the strength of their alliance.

However, extraordinary forces threatened to tear them apart. The spirit of possession had come over Sir Zoren (then High Consul of Eileana’Reult) and Sir Crow (General of Ralkea). Violence broke out, and the two countries descended into war. After a series of gruesome battles, Sir Crow took Sir Zoren and Sir Stephen hostage. He could not overcome the spirit of Tuath residing within Sir Zoren, but he afflicted both Sir Stephen and the Ralkean Lady Paya with the spirit of Tiamat.

The heroes of Eileana’Reult set out to rescue Stephen and Zoren, and the heroes of Ralkea turned on their own to weed out the affliction from within. By the guidance of Emperor Sark and Consul Silas, all but Sir Zoren were freed from possession.

A plague came over the land, prolonging the possession of Sir Zoren. When the time was right, Sir Crow brought forward an angel-blade and Sir Stephen retrieved the sword of Tuath. Eileanan and Ralkean heroes met in an unholy city to ritually banish the spirit of Tuath from the body of Sir Zoren, and the Ralkeans watched over Sir Zoren’s long rest. In this way Sir Zoren was freed from his possession, and the breach of trust between the two countries was mended.

There was a legend in old Ralkea, that the Empire always went where it would grow, and when it had reached its grandest in any realm, that it would be pulled into another realm. It was only a legend – until whole Ralkean villages began to vanish in the night. The heroes of Ralkea rejected the otherworldly pull of the Empire, and together with their Eileanan allies, devised a plan to anchor Ralkea in the realm of ORCS.

Eileanan settlers took temporary possession of Ralkean landmarks. The countries jointly land searched and established new settlements together. They harvested magical roots from the cursed tree of Tzeentch, and buried the roots deep within the Ralkean capital. The Ralkeans called upon a great iron golem to bear the Flame of Civilization to a safer resting place. At last, the two countries pledged themselves to one another and united under one flag, one government, and a new name: the Sovereign Isles of Light.

In spite of their best efforts, the land of Ralkea slipped away. The anchor points remained. The great landmarks of old Ralkea and the co-established settlements thrived, and it is whispered that hidden within the roots of the Tzeentch tree, a green thread of magic preserves a portal between the Sovereign Isles and the old Ralkean capital, to be called upon in a time of need.

And Sir Stephen encouraged all of the people, saying to them, “We are stronger together and stronger than ever. Do not let your hearts be troubled. For fallen Reultar, demons, dragons, death, royalty, and the universe itself tried to tear us asunder, but we were unyielding – we were resolved. And in the face of powers much greater than ourselves, we have chosen our way. We write our own destiny.”