Kase Lespri

Government: Representative Democracy
Capitol: Tyr Kase
Deity: Kaz

Long ago, when the realm was young, Kase Lespri was a single large island contenant to the Northeast of the realm. This island quickly became the leading center of knowledge and innovation throughout the lands. Nobles and wealthy merchants would send their children to the isle to further their education. The art and architecture of the lands of Kase Lespri were the pride of all the lands this made it the intellectual and cultural hub. Due to these facts, the residents of the country became both rich and egotistical.

Over the years the "educated" began to believe there were no god like beings above the sentient races of the world. They began to revere themselves They started teaching classes that 'disproved' the existence of what we have come to know as deities. They began to revere the leaders and warriors of their lands as well as the art created over their previously established pantheon and began to create idols to these new ideals. A great tower was built in the center of the lands of Kas Lespri, its leaders and its countrymen pursued the creation of the tower as a quest of great indulgence and ego. The arrogance of the people of Kase Lespri grew as they filled this tower that reached into the heavens and atop the tower the placed a golden idol built in the image of their most revered animal.

The great beast of burden that helped them pave roads, build great architecture and construct the Lespri tower became the symbol of their hubris. A golden bull statue was mounted at the peak of the tower that reached above the clouds. This angered the gods. As punishment they struck down the great Tower of Lespri with lightning and thunder and sundered the land, splitting it into the tiny islands that exist today. A labyrinthine curse of unnatural fog rose from the ocean and covered the lands completely.In addition, the gods took all magic and technology, as well as the knowledge and intellect to produce such things, away from the people of Kase Lespri.

For more than a thousand years the people have been left to suffer living like tribal beasts on these broken archipelagos islands. Groups of barbarians began to convene as best they could within each islands and trade occurred though precariously due to the unsafe travels of the maze like curse and traveling between the islands. The mystical maze-like fog that had doomed Kase Lespri to not only be separated from the rest of civilized society, also limited contact with the other broken isles they were all once a part of.

Recently a few of the more benevolent gods, lead by newly born god Kaz, have begun to take pity on the descendants of these once proud people. The curse has partially been lifted, allowing inhabitants finally travel the lands again, the curse has left countrymen's efforts to rebuild slow. Given time and the grace of the gods they once shunned, one day these broken lands may be healed and united again.