Founded: ~800 years ago (Declared August 2005)
Government: Tribal
Capitol Hex: 7311
Deity: Cath, a great bear god

Around 800 years ago, the nomadic tribes of the north began to settle down, establishing small villages and towns near the Great Forest, as it was then called. The elves in the forest befriended the townsfolk and over the years a great bond of trust and friendship was made.

The two very different societies and cultures meshed peacefully, while both maintained individuality. A new city was built in the forest, Tyrcath, incorporating both the styles and architecture of men and elves. It was in the first summer of the city that the Library of Cath was constructed and recorded time began. Cath was the Great Bear God worshiped by the humans in his warrior aspect (as they were accustomed to fighting the orc hordes on the plains and mountains where most of them hailed from), and by the elves in his nature guardian form (as they took offenses against their forest home very seriously).

Many years of peace and prosperity passed and Tyrcath became a hub for knowledge and trade. But the Times of Tranquility were coming to an end, and the peaceful lifestyle of the Tyrcathians was soon to be lost in a tide of war.

In the year of 428, refugees from the north began to straggle in, all carrying horrific stories of a massive orc invasion that slaughtered, burned and utterly consumed everything in its path. An elf scouting party was dispatched to find truth in the terrifying rumors that had all of Tyrcath on the edge of panic. Several weeks later, the scouts returned, confirming everyone’s greatest fears. The orc force was so large, their campfires blackened out the sky, their marching shook the earth, and their war drums silenced all innocent screams. Thousands upon thousands, more than could be counted, marched endlessly towards Tyrcath. The good people stood no chance of surviving, but would not give up to the orcs what they had worked so hard for.

Preparation for war began immediately, as every forge hammered out spears and swords, every sorcerer, wizard and mage read up and studied new spells of destruction and death. Every man, woman, and child was armed and instructed in the ways of killing.

The peaceful city of Tyrcath dug itself in for hell, and hell is what she received. Nine long years. Nine years of killing and dying. Nine years of hatred and fear. Nine years of constant war. Many stories of horror came from those nine years. As well as many tales of heroes and brave warriors. One such tale comes from a tight knit band of fearless, brutal, and savage fighters that could always be found in the very heart of the bloodiest, grimmest, and most hopeless of battles. The MacCaths, sons of the Great Bear, suffered the greatest casualties, but always at the greatest price. An inspiring sight they were, charging full speed into the ranks of the biggest and meanest orcs, screaming and laughing the entire way, enjoying the killing and not fearing death at all.

When the war was finally over, the elders vowed to never allow another such war to break out. An alliance was made between the humans and elves of Tyrcath, and all surrounding settlements, cities, towns and villages. Even the wild elves from deep within the heart of the forest, joined the alliance. Thus the Northern Alliance was formed and for the last 200 years, has helped stamp out starvation and war in all nations that pledge support and warriors.

The orcs however, have been quiet for the last 2 centuries, luring some into a false sense of security, thinking the Times of Tranquility have returned. But we know they bide their time, waiting for us to be so helpless and unprepared as we were then, when they marched to the city walls without so much as a scrape. The MacCaths will be ready for them, and as our ancestors did, we will give them a fight they did not wager for. We are ready and filled with the fury of the ancient dead, and we will not live in fear.