The Wizards of Cath

The Estival Orc invasions threaten to condemn this world to an age of darkness. The balance of this universe can be fractured if such abnormalities continue to exist. In this hour we seven magical ones have been chosen by Cath itself to aid the free peoples against the threat of the Orcish hordes and all things deemed to be unnatural. Not to preserve order or prevent chaos, but to ensure both are achievable throughout time. Therefore, the free will of man is consequential. For no force is moe efficient at maintaining the natural order of our world, than that of the free will of man. And so, it shall be.

On this year, the seventh of the second age, we select few have been named wizards. To quide and guard this land, to preserve balance. To delve deeper into the realms of the arcane, to gain knowledge. To enlighten the minds of our people, to instruct and mentor.

We hereby erect the illustrious college of magic, Cath Arcanum, a citadel of power and discipline. Containing secrets capable of bending reality to one's will, if one has the will. Training is arduous, unfogiving, and may result in psychosis. If one is up to the task, they need only to visit Cath Arcanum for evaluation.
Guild Master: Magala Magnus (Mike Hallfris)
Guild Members:
Magala MAgnus (Mike Hallfriss)
Airith (Timothy Haviland)
Leon (Adam Dillon)
Luscious Lucius (Travis Allen)
Cronan (Bryan Jenkins)
Daenerian (Tyler Lane)
Kevin the Seven (Bran Willaims)