Origin of ORCS

O.R.C.S. stands for Organized Recreational Combat Simulation. It is a game that combines full contact medieval combat and Live Action Role Play (LARP). It is set in a fantasy world and the classes available to play are the standard fantasy classes. Players are required to wear medieval period clothing and may wear medieval armor, depending on the class they choose to play. Combat is resolved using foam-padded medieval weapons and a quick, easy to learn damage system.

Players in O.R.C.S. form associations known as Countries. These Countries receive land on the Realm Map and earn income based on their holdings. Countries may expand their borders through Land Searches of unclaimed territory or through War with other Countries.

In addition to these forms of combat the game features Adventures, in which the Countries compete with one another to win the Adventure. Adventures are run by a host Country who designs the Adventure and provides Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and Monsters for the other players to interact and fight with. Simple Adventures are run during one day event while others are run periodically through the year over a weekend campout.

Role play in O.R.C.S. consists of players developing a personality for their character, special abilities available to each class, and simulating one’s wound during combat. The fantasy aspect of the game consists of a magic system and the existence of races and monsters found in standard fantasy settings (Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, etc.), especially Orcs. Being the realm of O.R.C.S. one would expect them to play a large role in the affairs of the world. And they do. Every year between the Fall and Spring Equinoxes the Orc Hordes pour across the realm visiting death and destruction to the weak and unwary.

While players choose a class such as Mage to play, eventually being able to cast Fireballs and wounding multiple players at one time, the emphasis of the game is on melee combat. A player’s abilities in combat are what they physically bring to the field. No special abilities in the game enhance a player’s combat proficiency and all players regardless of level or class receive damage equally. The only advantages a player might have are armor worn and personal experience gained through participating in the game. The combat system is simple, easy to learn and allows for quick combat resolution.

All prospective players should note that O.R.C.S. is a highly physical game. In combat, players are to swing their weapons as if they were actually using one. It is not a touch based hit system; all valid hits must make solid contact. O.R.C.S. combat rules also allow for shield bashing, shield kicks and unarmed combat in the form of grappling. Safety precautions are in place, a person wearing armor cannot initiate a grapple with an unarmored person for example, however injuries can occur. For this reason all players must sign a waiver and must be at least 14 years of age. Those who are 14, 15, 16,  and 17 years old must have the waiver signed by their parent/guardian witnessed by a member of O.R.C.S. Executive Board.

Overall O.R.C.S. is an exciting, action packed game full of heroism and intrigue. Come join an existing Country or form one of your own. Test your mettle against the realms mightiest champions and perhaps one day too you will be known as a Champion of the Realm!